Sunday, September 19, 2010

Updates from the "Hobbit Hole"

Wow-oh-wow... What a crazy few weeks these have been! You'll all have to excuse my temporary silence--and I think you will--because I was sequestered in what my friend Kye calls my "hobbit hole" finishing (are you ready? drum roll please...) THE IVY, VOLUME II! The title of which, by the way, is...


True to its title, the contents of the second installment are going to have to remain top-secret (!)--but I'm definitely going to be dropping hints along the way as edits kick into full gear...
For now let's just say that those of you who felt dissatisfied (or, as a more colorful reader put it, wanted to "hurl the book against the wall") at the cliffhanger ending to Volume I, rest assured that Callie will manage to unwind *some* of the tangled messes she made over her first few months of freshman year. BUT that's enough for now! Let's get you updated on what happened while I was writing away inside my hobbit hole...

--The Ivy (Volume I) hit shelves on August 31st. If you haven't already picked up your copy--what are you waiting for?!? Browse inside or click here to buy it now!

--Lauren and Rina recorded a podcast: Visit Harperteen Podcast to listen to them discuss how the seed for the series was born, what their college experience was like, and hear Lauren reading the first five pages of The Ivy aloud!

--Curious to take a tour of Harvard and see places from the book? Then check out Lauren's youtube video that Greenwillow launched earlier this week!

--Check out what some of the latest reviewers are saying:

            "I’ve wanted to read this one since I first heard about it months back... So for someone like me who’s not a teen anymore it definitely appealed to me. " 
-- Jenny N., Dreaming of Books

            "Reading this book was a jaw-dropping experience for this gal from Texas. I mean, is college really like this for you guys on the East Coast? This story was like a mix between Sex and the City and Gilmore Girls (You know, after Rory has left and gone to college...)" 
-- Arena, a.k.a. The Nerds Wife

                     "This book was wildly addicting and honest, when I wasn't reading about it I was wondering about what would happen next." 
-- Miss Remmers, Miss Remmers' Review

                   "It's a guilty pleasure read... a fun, makes you wish you were in college book. ...Callie will experience a lot of "first" during the first few weeks of college, I can't wait to see what happens in the second half of her freshman year!" 
-- "Pixie," Page Turners

Well, now you're all caught up--but for even MORE up-to-date news check in with me on Twitter and The Ivy on Facebook and Goodreads! And of course, check back here because you never know when I may start to spill some *secrets* from Volume II...

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