Thursday, May 27, 2010

BEA: So much fun!! -- Part II

What's not to love about miles and miles (ok, slight exaggeration) of books, new and old or not yet released and, in some cases, free?!?

Yesterday I spent several hours wandering around the massive Javits Convention Center at BookExpo America. So many booths, freebies, people, performances, and, above all, books, books, BOOKS! One in particular holds a special place in my heart:
Video Display Screen in the HarperCollins BEA Booth

The highlight of the day by far was the signing I got to do at 4pm. It was just so thrilling to know that people have 1) heard of The Ivy so far in advance of its release and 2) are already very excited about it! 
Lauren Kunze signing galleys of her debut novel, The Ivy, at BEA on Wednesday, May 26 2010

To everyone who stopped by to pick up an autographed ARC: THANK YOU!!! You really made my day! In fact, some of you made my month :) 

My only regret is that we ran out of copies with one minute left to go. I hope those of you who missed out will be able to pick up one of these super-sweet, high-tech Symptio Cards I managed to snag yesterday before we run out of these too!

For more about the signing, check out this post on Greenwillow's Blog. And here are some more photos from the rest of the day:
BEA Signing: Advanced Reading Copies of The Ivy!

Lauren in the HC Booth with her awesome new "eGalley"

(Yeah, I saved my nametag/BEA pass like a giant cheeseball... so what??)

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